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BARONIGG – Our mission

We are a young company which, as a commercial intermediary, builds the bridge between the purchasing price advantages in Portugal and you as an entrepreneur and reseller in Europe.

With our excellent local and language skills, we close the Portuguese market at unbeatable prices. We specialized first on textiles, as there is a strong and high-quality textile industry in Portugal. Our offer will constantly expand for you. Terry cloths for car washes and car wash parks. Tell us your opinion and challenge our professionalism in EU internal trade.
Test us today!

How to save!
We believe commercial customers from Germany and Austria with textile products at best prices, directly from the manufacturer - and usually free shipping!

First buyer discount
To get to know each other, we offer car washes and washing parks. A Top Product with Best Price Guarantee: terry toweling wipes with 5% -RESERVANCE DISCOUNT. individual weaving and shipping!

Customers recruit customers
For every new customer you tell us, you will receive a 5% discount on your next order!

Callback service
Call us without obligation - we will call you back - and discuss your needs and delivery times ...

With best regards,


Werner Baronigg
Executive Partner


Werner Baronigg

Executive Partner

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